Financial Policy

Stoneridge Obstetrics & Gynecology Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Stoneridge Obstetrics & Gynecology as your healthcare provider. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care. The following is a statement of our financial policy.

Stoneridge Obstetrics & Gynecology will file a claim to your insurance carrier for payment of your services. We do, however, require complete insurance information at the time of service to submit on your behalf. If your information is incomplete, you will be asked to pay for your services.

Please be aware that medical insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. It is your responsibility to know limitations, exclusions, deductibles and copays of your insurance plan and to resolve any disputes with your insurance carrier for nonpayment of services. As the insurance policy holder, you are responsible for timely payment of your account for any unpaid balances as indicated by your insurance.

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards, including Care Credit, for your convenience. Copayments are due at the time of service. There is a $35.00 charge for returned checks. 

Surgical Services and Office Procedures

Elective surgical procedures will be submitted to your insurance company for payment. Surgery and obstetric deductibles may be pre-collected prior to the procedure or delivery. IUD benefits will be verified prior to your visit. In the event the insurance does not pay as we were informed, charges are the responsibility of the patient. If you are a self-pay patient, payment is required at the time of insertion.

Non-Covered Services

Please be aware some and perhaps all the services rendered are not considered reasonable and necessary under Medicare and other medical insurances. You will be responsible for these balances. Some insurance companies do not cover preventative care, such as annual exams. Medicare and Medicare advantage plans cover a routine exam every two years. Please be aware of this prior to your appointment and know that you will be responsible for any unpaid balances.

Missed Appointments

We would appreciate your help and the courtesy of a call if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. Please notify our office at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time to avoid a $50.00 no-show fee.

Account Balances/Delinquent Accounts

Any amount not covered by the insured/patient’s insurance is due within 30 days of the statement. An account is considered past due 30 days following the statement. Unpaid accounts over 90 days are considered delinquent and will be forwarded to a collection agency and incur an additional 20% fee. For your convenience, Stoneridge offers Care Credit. Please contact our Billing Department for more information. Please note that failure to pay balances may result in no future appointments being scheduled until your account is current and/or discharge from the practice. 

Laboratory Fees

Most laboratory charges ordered through our office are billed directly to your insurance by either Quest Diagnostics, LapCorp or Grand View Health. If you receive a statement from one of these laboratories, we request that you contact them directly to resolve your billing questions.

Financial Obstetrics Policy

Please be advised of Stoneridge Obstetrics & Gynecology office policy concerning your pregnancy and insurance coverage. Unlike other types of services, prenatal care is billed globally and will be billed at the time of delivery. Prenatal care includes your office visits and physician delivery charges. Grand View hospital charges are billed separately from our physician billing.

During your pregnancy, physicians may order additional studies, such as ultrasounds and non-stress tests. These services will be billed to your insurance at the time of service and are not included in the global prenatal care fee. You may be responsible for co-pays and/or additional fees for these services, which will be determined by your contract with your insurance. 

In addition, Global Maternity billing may be subject to deductibles and co-insurance based on your individual insurance coverage. Deductibles and co-insurance may be considered as all or part of the total reimbursement to the doctor. If your plan has an applicable deductible for Global Maternity, we will discuss your benefits at your first prenatal appointment and arrange your payment plan. Per our office policy, Global Maternity deductibles are to be paid in full prior to delivery.

It is your responsibility to inform our office of any changes in your insurance during your pregnancy. If your insurance coverage changes during your pregnancy, it is imperative that you inform the front desk or billing department as soon as possible. We need to obtain a maternity pre-certification to assure your delivery will be covered by the new insurance. You will be responsible for all unpaid balances if you fail to provide the office with a change in your insurance and you deliver without providing our office proper notification. 


Stoneridge Obstetrics & Gynecology accepts CareCredit. CareCredit is a health, wellness and personal care credit card that helps patients and clients get the financial help and care they want and need, without delaying appointments or treatment.

Cardholders can use CareCredit with promotional patient financing to pay over time for deductibles, copays, and treatment not covered by insurance (subject to credit approval/minimum monthly payments required). For more information or to apply, visit

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